Saturday, November 05, 2005

US owes Iraq for Halliburton overcharges

More money down the Iraq hole.

People of Latin America and the world united in hatred of Bush

Graffiti proclaiming "Get out, killer Bush" and "Yankees go home" was spray painted on two monuments in Brasilia. On Friday, hundreds of protesters burned an American flag and an effigy of Bush in front of the U.S. embassy.

There have already been riots and protests due to Bush's presence in Venezuela:

"He is getting what he has coming," Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said of Bush in Santa Clara, Cuba. "He is the most unpopular US president, in the international arena, in history." Communist Cuba was not invited to the summit.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a virulent critic of Bush and close ally of Cuba's Fidel Castro, repeated his accusation that Washington was plotting to invade his oil-rich country.

"An imperialist invasion of Venezuela will be the start of a 100-year war," Chavez told the crowd, speaking for more than two hours under driving rain.

Suicide attempts rampant at Gitmo

Two of three released Bahraini prisoners attempted to kill themselves at the US concentration camp in Cuba.

Bush sidesteps questions about CIA leak

Support continues to erode for Bush. Might be time to stage another 9/11.

The only question in the 12-minute exchange with reporters that Bush directly answered was one about how he would greet Hugo Chavez, the outspoken, leftist leader of Venezuela who is using the summit as a stage to needle Bush and bolster his own standing among Latin American nations. Bush promised to "of course, be polite."

Cheney lobbies for continuance of CIA torture capabilities

Cheney's doublespeak sufficiently obscures the issue of the US utilizing torture.

[John] McCain, who was tortured while held as a prisoner during the Vietnam War, is the chief Senate sponsor of an anti-torture provision that has twice cleared the Senate and triggered veto threats from the White House.

Cheney's appeal came two days before a former senior State Department official claimed in an interview with National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" that he had traced paperwork back to Cheney's office that he believes led to U.S. troops abusing prisoners in

"It was clear to me there that there was a visible audit trail from the vice president's office through the secretary of defense down to the commanders in the field," Lawrence Wilkerson, a former colonel who was Secretary of State
Colin Powell's chief of staff during
President Bush's first term, said Thursday.

US launches latest campaign of collective punishment

In nearby Qaim, a witness said the offensive in Husaybah began about dawn with four loud explosions, apparently caused by U.S. warplanes or helicopters. The witness said telephone service to the town was cut. He spoke on condition of anonymity out of concern for his safety.

Husaybah is a poor Sunni Arab town of about 30,000 people. It is located near the Euphrates River and surrounded by bleak hills and desert terrain. Most residents live in small brick and concrete homes, and many may have fled during another U.S. offensive in the area last month.

Coalition and collaborating Iraqi forces have failed to penetrate the insurgency and gain any useful intelligences, so they shoot in the dark and many innocent people die in the crossfire. R3D calls on the members of the military not to use their weapons as instruments of murder. They should be used for liberation.

Riots spread in France

I don't have anything against people fighting back against racism and oppression, but sometimes people take it too far:

In a particularly malevolent turn, youths in the eastern Paris suburb of Meaux prevented paramedics from evacuating a sick person from a housing project, pelting rescuers with rocks and torching the awaiting ambulance, an Interior Ministry official said.

The article characterizes the sick person as being from "a housing project," implying that the person was poor. While the incident may be government propaganda or a distortion of facts, it is not effective resistance for poor people to fight poor people. If you want someone to die due to lack of medical care, target the ambulances going after wealthy people or political figures.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

US considers invasion of Saudi Arabia

The US has raised the specter of another invasion of another middle eastern country. With Saudi Arabia, the wingnuts in the Whitehouse seem more concerned about an Islamic overthrow of the house of Saud.

Paris riots spread to 20 towns

The discontent of France's African population has exploded, leading to 8 days of riots, which one official referred to as a "civil war." The racist policies of the French police came to a tragic head when two teenage boys, fleeing from police were electrocuted to death in a substation. If France continues to oppress people whose skin isn't white, the rest of France will burn with the anger of the mistreated masses. France burns until Chirac learns.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bush under fire for operating gulags around the world

Bush's refusal to either confirm or deny the existence of CIA torture prisons is tantamount to an admission that the CIA is detaining people without charges and torturing detainees in order to extract confessions and intelligence. The CIA operates the prisons outside of the US in order to circumvent due process and the rights that American courts guarantee for accused people. If a presumption of innocence is good enough for Tom Delay, it's good enough for an Afghan or Pakistani. US courts would never allow something like the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp to exist within the borders of the US, so they operate their concentration camps in Cuba and eastern European countries.

The Czech Republic has said that it turned down a request from the CIA to set up a concentration camp in their country. Now we know why Cheney asked for an exemption for the CIA from John McCain's anti-torture legislation.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why big business likes Alito

Conservative judge favors limiting corporate liability, rights of workers.

In the 800-plus opinions he has penned during his 15 years as a federal judge, Alito consistently has come down on the side of limiting corporate liability, limiting employee rights, and limiting federal regulation. "He would be a liability restrainer," says Stan Anderson, legal-affairs lobbyist for the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Industry financed study declares outsourcing beneficial

More corporate propaganda:

The outsourcing of technology jobs to low-wage countries will provide a 68.7-billion-dollar benefit to the US economy in 2005, said a study, challenging key assumptions about shifting work offshore.

The study, updating a report released in 2004 drawing the same conclusion, was commissioned by the Information Technology Association of America, a high-tech industry group, and conducted by research firm Global Insight.

The report concluded that despite the loss of some jobs to low-wage countries such as India, that worldwide sourcing of IT services and software generated 257,042 net new US jobs in 2005.

"No one is denying that there are job losses, but the net effect is that you create more jobs than you lose" in the overall economy, said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at Global Insight and lead author of the report.

Repudiating the latest telecom megamergers

"After two Federal reviews and strong approvals by shareholders and the international community, it is clear that this combination is undeniably in the public interest," Tom Tauke, an executive vice president of public affairs at Verizon, said in a statement.

Telecommunications mergers are not in the interest of the public. The concentration of wealth within fewer companies allows increased monopolizing behavior and only benefits corporate balance sheets. Consumers are left with fewer choices for service providers and prices rise as competition among companies decrease.

Bush nominates Christian theocrat "Scalito" to Supreme Court

The Christian far right defeated the Harriet Miers nomination, because they suspected that she might not overturn Roe v. Wade, permit homosexual marriage, and respect the constitutional rights of US citizens. To appease his restive reactionary base, Bush has nominated a man who has rednered decisions that limited women's reproductive rights. Bush still clearly treads a path far away from the people of the United States. He has forfeited his right to govern under the auspices of the people's consent.

2 US soldiers charged with Afghan abuse

The two soldiers were charged with assaulting two detainees at an army base after reports from another soldier who said they had struck the detainees on the chest, shoulder and stomach, U.S. spokesman Jim Yonts said.

The accused soldiers were not in custody and were still serving with their units, said U.S. spokeswoman Lieutenant Cindy Moore.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Louisiana workers rally for reconstruction

Instead of giving reconstruction contracts to Louisiana business owners, the government has awarded lucrative contracts to politically connected companies like Halliburton. The people of Louisiana are fed up with the government's exploitation of their suffering due to the natural disaster of the hurricanes and the man made disaster of their aftermath.

Wal-Mart sells its soul for profits

Better hurry up and buy some WalMart stock. The soulless bastards seem to be willing to stoop to any level in order to cut costs and boost profits for Sam Walton's billionaire heirs. Pretty soon they will be selling associates' kidneys and bone marrow. If only more of them would die in ultralight plane crashes.

The memo, written by Susan Chambers, the executive vice president for benefits, outlines ways Wal-Mart can reduce employee benefits expenses, which cost the company $4.2 billion between 2002 and 2005 and are growing at 15 percent a year.

The problem, it seems, is that the employees are sticking around too long. Tenure drives costs. The more years workers have with the company, the more paid time off, the bigger the 401(k) contributions and profit-sharing.

As Chambers notes, an associate with seven years experience is almost 55 percent more expensive than someone with one year on the job, "yet there is no difference in his or her performance."

The solution? Shift more work to part-time employees, who don't get benefits. Chambers proposes lowering life insurance benefits and cutting 401(k) contributions to 3 percent of wages from 4 percent.

In other words, do everything possible to discourage long-term employment.

She also suggests raising health care premiums for employees' spouses because they are "by far the most expensive plan members."

Chambers' memo says Wal-Mart can encourage a healthier work force by adding physical activity to most jobs. Cashiers, for example, could be required to gather shopping carts.

The idea isn't that the exercise would make employees healthier, it's that it would weed out the unhealthy, overweight and infirm, groups that have higher medical bills.

"These moves would also dissuade unhealthy people from coming to work at Wal-Mart," Chambers wrote.

Think of the savings if each Wal-Mart simply posted a sign that said "fatsos need not apply."


Wal-Mart is far less stingy with its executives. Chief Executive Lee Scott nabbed $12.5 million last year, not counting stock options. That includes contributions to a 401(k) plan and term life insurance, two benefits Chambers would slash for employees.

There's no mention of whether Scott keeps his health up by gathering shopping carts in the parking lot.

He also gets more than $100,000 a year for personal use of a corporate jet, a far cry from Walton's famed pickup truck.

Petroleum Companies Post Record 3rd Quarter Profits

In a matter of three months, the petroleum companies posted profits greater than the rest of the S&P 500 made in the entire year. Check out this highway robbery:

  1. Exxon-Mobil made $9.9 billion.
  2. Dutch Shell made $9 billion.
  3. BP made $6.5 billion.
  4. Conoco Phillips made $3.8 billion.
  5. Chevron made $3.6 billion.

Guess who's going to buy the 2008 election?

Aryan Nations website down

Since last night, the web page of the August Kreis faction of the Aryan Nations has been down. Recent hacktivism from a group calling itself Anti-Fascist Weapons and Tactics (AFWAT) disrupted the National Alliance OH chapter hotline and hijacked NSM Roanoke leader Bill White's website. R3D first learned ofr AFWAT's activities through the One People's Project. Statements on the Cleveland Indymedia site from AFWAT also claimed responsibility for taking down a pro-Chester Doles website, exposing a Keystone State Skinhead as a pedophile, and ruining a Doles related fundraiser. According to a post on Stormfront, a recent attack also destroyed 75 fascist webpages hosted on As the people of the world unite against Neo-nazi paramilitaries, the demise of hate groups hastens.

Hal Turner calls for murder, hate crimes

Neo-nazi Hal Turner has issued a call for murdering people in public. In the past, Turner has called for the murder of immigrants and the lynching of non-whites. His latest call for action was especially tailored for the advantages that the circumstances of Halloween might provide an assassin.

"Everyone is expecting folks to be dressed-up in costumes; so if you were to do so, it would not be abnormal. This is the PERFECT opportunity to go kill whomever needs killing; to do so in public and not worry about being seen because you can be in costume with facial make-up not just a mask. Of course, have a second costume stashed somewhere so you can change quick and not be captured by the cops. Bang, target killed. Swoop into nearby alley way, change costumes, walk away casually. It is my earnest hope that a lot of this country's problems will be solved this way tomorrow. Remember, a properly placed bullet can change the world!"

If the rule of law is central to U. S. democracy, law enforcement officials should arrest Turner for his advice in facilitating crime and encouragement of crime commission. If the law enforcement officials who undoubtedly read Turner's website daily fail to act and someone ends up dead, the blood of the victim is on their hands. Some people have suggested that Turner is a government agent, and as long as he continues to spout criminal words, his fellow fascists should not stop wondering whether Turner might be an informant to jail violent people.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Red Revolutionary Resistance

In response to the current fascist occupation of the United States government, the exploitation of the wage laborers at the hands of the capitalists, and the impotence of existing communist organizations, October 29, 2005 has brought the formation of the Red Revolutionary Resistance, or, R3D. In a rabid desire for new markets for deeper exploitation, the Bush administration has annexed the sovereign nations of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bush administration seeks to oppress the free peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq and drain these countries of their natural resources. R3D stands in solidarity with the Afghanistan Liberation Organization and the Iraqi Communist Party in their efforts to repel the armies of the imperialist United States and defend their societies from religious fanaticism. Every person who has volunteered for military service in the U. S. armed forces has made the choice to join a force that kills innocent human beings and has made him/herself a legitimate target of deadly force. Collaborators who make the Faustian wager to join their oppressors are in danger of facing justice at the hands of the people's resistance.

R3D will gather intelligence and present analyses on the growing chasm between the wealthy and the poor in the United States, as it is our base of operations. Also, as the alleged final hegemon, the United States is the author of great injustices around the world. Borders are arbitrary lines determined through military conquest, and therefore we will also endeavor to assist the work of working people all around the globe. It is only through mass organizing and cooperation of different groups that the bourgeios have previously divided, that we can realize a world where every man and woman is equal regardless of race, class, or sexual orientation.

R3D demands from the Bush regime:

  1. The end of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. An end of support for the Zionist entity that oppresses the Palestinian people.
  3. An end to the implementation of a fascist Christian theocracy.
  4. A guaranteed income for every citizen of the United States.
  5. An end to the persecution of immigrant workers.
  6. The demilitarization of the United States' borders.
  7. Comprehensive health care, food, and shelter for every American citizen.
  8. Reparations to African-Americans whose ancestors generated the current wealth of the United States through state-enforced slavery.
  9. An end to the slavery of wage workers at the hands of billionaires.
  10. Rolling back efforts to weaken labor laws, pension guarantees, and other benefits of the workers.
  11. An end to the persecution of Cuba and demonization of Fidel Castro.
  12. An end to the persecution of North Korea.
  13. An end to the corporatocracy that allows corporations to control the government.
  14. An end to the executions of political prisoners.
  15. An end to police violence against working people.
  16. An end to intimidation of legitimate political dissent.
  17. An end to the torture and espionage organization known as the Central Intelligence Agency.
  18. An end to the state support of fascist paramilitary organizations such as the National Socialist Movement, the Creativity Movment, the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, White Revolution, and the Aryan Union.
  19. An end to the out of control prison expansion that disproportionately incarcerates the poor.
  20. An end to the concentration of wealth that fails to fully compensate the worker for his creation of value.

As long as the Bush regime continues to wage its war against the working people of the world, R3D will be at war with the Bush regime. R3D will seek to disrupt business as usual for the capitalists and fascists in the United States. Keep an eye on these pages for updates and further communiques from the Red Revolutionary Resistance.

All power to the people,

Karl Munist